Organic Herbal Tea for Queasy Days
Organic Herbal Tea for Queasy Days

Organic Herbal Tea for Queasy Days

Myrtle & Maude

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Organic Herbal Tea for Queasy Days from Myrtle & Maude - With a passion for natural and organic ingredients; their recipes have helped mums-to-be for over three generations, using values handed down from our grandmothers Myrtle & Maude. Their mission is to support parents through those early days of pregnancy and beyond.

We have come to the rescue and created a tummy settling range to support mums-to-be in their hour of need. 

The tea blend has been specifically formulated and regulated by their master herbalist. They source, grow and pick only the best organic ingredients, crafting all products in small batches using herbalist traditions. Every tea bag has been preciously and carefully handcrafted to create a warming blend of tummy settling ginger, vibrant peppermint and the uplifting scent of luxurious fragrant rose petal. Tens of thousands of cups of our specially formulated and handcrafted tea is enjoyed every year by mums-to-be, bringing comfort on those queasy days.

Mum-to-be Herbal Tea Ingredients: Peppermint (35%), Ginger root (25%), Lemon balm (15%) Chamomile (15%), Rose petal (5%), Orange peel (5%)

Contains 10 herbal tea bags

All Myrtle & Maude products are formulated and regulated by a qualified herbalist. For extra peace of mind, consult your midwife or herbalist before use.