About Us


Meet the real life Tommy and Rex. Don’t be fooled by this photo of them, they’re both usually ordering me about with their chubby little fingers. 

Having these 2 fellas introduced me to so many independent brands I had previously never heard of and I was quite simply amazed by the beauty of this whole new world. With only 14 months between them our poor friends and family had gifted us with baby shower gifts, 'He’s here' gifts, Christmas gifts, 1st birthday gifts and for both of our Mums 'every day of the week gifts' because ‘they’re so damn cute’– all twice over! Needless to say we’ve received some beautiful items, probably equating to a small fortune. And this is where the inspiration for the brand was born…

Lots of us have many new babies coming into our lives and we don’t want to waste our hard earned cash on products that simply aren’t up to scratch. So at Tommy&REX we have brought together some of our favourite independent brands presented in a stylish and simple way to inspire you and get you the award for ‘best gift’ with your loved ones, whilst not costing you the earth. Our items are put together with care and love and all have been given the nod by our 2 little bosses.

We’re a sucker for a modern nursery and always on the hunt for new products and brands so if you want to impress the latest little human in your life (or their knackered parents) look no further than here.

We have so much more on the way so please stay tuned!

Lots of love,