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About Us


If you’re anything like me you’ll want to know our story, more about us and how Tommy&REX came about…or just a good old nose (and there’s nothing wrong with that). So here goes…


Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m the face behind this little brand. I live in the beautiful Lancashire countryside with my husband Dave, my 3 children Tommy, Rex and Maggie and not to forget our dog Hudson too (I still can't believe I'm a mother of 3!). I’m originally from Liverpool where I grew up by the coast (which I miss so much). I lived there until one night I found myself sat across the table from Dave at a friend’s leaving meal and within 5 minutes had made plans to marry him and have lots of kids…that’s literally how it went! The rest was history.


I actually have a degree in Geography but a year in realised I would never actually use it…I have zero direction, I’m on the sat nav everywhere I go and still couldn’t tell you why it rains! After University I worked out early doors that I wasn’t cut out working for someone else but I spent a good 12 years doing just that working as a retail buyer for a popular online department store. There were times I loved it but I always knew I’d end up doing something for myself, I just didn’t know what exactly.


We got married and had Tommy in 2016 and 6 months later I was pregnant with Rex…and yes he was planned…a question I’m always asked (along with ‘are they twins?’). Becoming a Mum was obviously a game changer and after realising a whole other world of such amazing baby brands existed, that I would love to receive as a gift myself, Tommy&REX was born.


I had attended a lot of baby showers and soon realised that after you’ve covered the necessities or the ‘circulated list’, the gifting game was pretty poor. And not only that but where were the gifts for the Mum?


I also wanted to bring you brands that couldn’t be bought on the high street as well as developing some beautiful products of my own. So Mum’s to be can enjoy buying all the little baby accessories and sweetest of products for their little one…the fun bit!


In August 2018 we launched and I’ve never looked back since. I don’t buy anything I don’t like myself or wouldn’t have in my own home for my boys. I only work with brands who I truly am I fan of and who I know are ethically run…often by families and other Mum’s too.


I feel so lucky to be able to do this job but without your support and orders it wouldn’t be anything, so Thank You to every single one of you, you’re all amazing!


Come and follow our journey on Instagram and feel free to say hi! I love talking to each and every one of you. As amazing as it can be, running this business can also be pretty lonely and I also love a good gab so you will always find me on the end of a DM or email.

Love Sarah x