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Nursery Decor Inspiration

I absolutely loved decorating Tommy’s room when I was pregnant and collecting little things to put in there along the way…it was probably my favourite part of the ‘prep’. Everyone has their own style and you probably have in mind the way you would like it and no doubt you have a Pinterest board with hundreds of images pinned. But for those who don’t have a clue or would just like some inspiration - we have put together this little guide of simple trends including some delicious colour palettes. I am no designer by any means…these are simply just the looks I love. In fact...might just re-do the boys room!

Gone are the days of a colour block pink or blue nursery...there is so much beautiful inspiration out there to spark your creativity. Children have so much stuff...if you haven't realised this already you soon will do! And you want to contain it all in a beautiful space - a space that's peaceful and welcoming. Some things you might want to consider/decide on before you start:

  1. Colour Palette...hopefully this might help you...
  2. Storage 
  3. Little touches/Knick Knacks you want in the Nursery
  4. Lighting
  5. Artwork


Mono Nursery...A monochrome nursery always looks so crisp and clean and can really brighten up a dark room. Make sure you think about textures to make the space feel cosy and warm.

Monochrome NurseryMonochrome NurseryMonochrome Nurserymonochrome nursery


Mono with pops of colour...If you think a Mono theme might feel too cold then bring in a flash of colour...this theme is my personal favourite! There is no end to the amount you can add to a room like this, add a pop of one or two colours or a whole rainbow of them.

Monochrome Nursery InspirationMonochrome Nursery InspirationPastel Nursery InspirationNursery inspiration


Pastel Brights...Pastels are so dreamy and these brights are crisp and clean especially against a white base. This base is easy to make boy, girl or unisex - simply by adding more of one colour. I love a coloured cot and something as simple as this can be the highlight of a room.

Pastel Nursery Inspirationpastel nursery inspirationpastel nursery inspirationNursery inspiration


Pastels Muted...more pastels but with a more traditional feel and more muted than the above palette. This can feel warmer and textures can really accentuate and add depth to these colours.

Pastel Nursery InspirationPastel Nursery InspoPastel Nursery Inspirationpastels


Greys and Neutrals...These are 2 classic looks...This palette is super easy to add colour to at a later date if you want a unisex room.  

Grey and pink nurseryGrey Nurserynursery inspirationGrey Nursery


Murals...Be bold and brave and add a design wall to your nursery. These are both stunning, but beware of closing a small room in. 

Nursery MuralNursery Mural


Photo credits: Pinterest (various), @cole.white.light, @velveteen_babies, @thelittlejones, @oh.eight.oh.nine

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