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Blog Takeover - Becoming a mother again for the third time and my 5 must haves for new mums

Becoming a mother again for the third time and my 5 must haves for new mums - Lauren from @thelittlelodown  

Mum of 3 - thelittlelodownMum of 3 - thelittlelodown
Mum of 3 - thelittlelodownMum of 3 - thelittlelodown
Hey there! My name is Lauren, I am 30, fashion lover, mother of three boys and author of thelittlelodown.com and @thelittlelodown instagram! I am very excited to be writing this guest blog post! I did wonder for a while what I was going to base it on because even though I love to read these posts on blogs I've never written a piece like this myself. So I thought I would touch on becoming a mother again for the third time and a few of my must have items as a mother.
Becoming a mother again 
So let's start with when we found out we were expecting... it was a SHOCK! Having two slightly older boys at this point (six and ten) we were not planning on having anymore and starting all over again with the sleepless nights etc. I was happy in my job working full time after years of part time and odd jobs to fit in around the kids. Mind you it really didn't take very long to get our heads around the idea and were soon very excited about this little surprise gift we'd been blessed with. Once we'd had our scan and knew everything was okay we sat the older two boys down to tell them, and they were over the moon.
Now the next few months didn't quite go so smoothly as I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum and had to be signed off work for a while. Then before we knew it Casper was with us. ( I won't go into the birth story, if you are interested I have written a post on that over on my blog thelittlelodown.com)
So settling into life as a Mother of three... it was a relatively easy transition, but make no mistake it was (and still is) hard graft! I think going from one to two had less of an impact than two to three! I love being Mum to all three boys, everyday is different, everyday there is a different juggling act to perform, everyday there is at least three piles of washing but I wouldn't change it for the world.
Having three boys with quite different age gaps means I have tried and tested a good number of products and baby items along the way, figuring out exactly what I did need, which was far fewer than the extensive lists circling the internet would make you believe. That leads me onto the next part of this post...
5 Must have items for a new mum.
 All of these have been tried and tested by me.
So aside from all the obvious ie beds, cribs, cots and clothes etc this is what I've chosen:
  • Large and extra large muslin cloths! They are so handy to cover up if breastfeeding, to use as a swaddle or a blanket and to mop up any accidents! The list of uses goes on. 
  • A good change bag. I chose to spend a little bit more money this time around as I know just how much they get used and for how long! I wanted one which doubled as a handbag as well so I went for the pacapod firenze. It has removable compartments which have been fantastic and enough space to pop any of my bits in too.
  • Stokke trip trap high chair. This high chair has a newborn attachment and Casper has sat at the table with us since day dot. It has made life so much easier and now at a year, we have adapted it to his height and he is so good at sitting at the table to eat all his meals with us.
  • A ring sling. I have used a ring sling from when Casper was a few days old and I still use it now. It's such a lovely way to have your baby close and be able to settle them whilst giving you the freedom of being able to move about and use your arms! I have been lucky enough to work with wanderlustmama who do the most beautiful slings. 
  • A freezer full of healthy, nutritious pre-prepared meals. I can't stress this enough, if you are about to have a baby or have a little newborn finding some time every few weeks to batch cook a whole load of meals ready to whip out the freezer is a must! I breastfed Casper (still do) and those of you who have breastfed or are planning on breastfeeding will know how often they feed when they are tiny. So aside from being up in the night quite a lot and being tired, finding the time to prepare a healthy meal every night is hard work. Having a few of these meals in the freezer meant I didn't have to worry about cooking and I didn't have to worry about the nutrition I needed to breastfeed. 
Mum of 3 - thelittlelodownMum of 3 - thelittlelodown 
So that's it! I have really enjoyed writing this as a guest blogger and I hope you all enjoy it or find it useful. Thank you so much for having me.. bye for now.
Lauren x

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