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Blog Takeover - Babies first holiday and what to take

Babies first holiday and what to take by Francesca @1lavendercottage

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Sean surprised me with our first family holiday to Almancil in Portugal (cayuuteee) with our friends at the beginning of May but literally WHERE DO YOU EVEN START thinking about what you need to take with you for a baby?! Like keeping Aoife alive and well in the UK - yeah fine...but ABROAD?!?
Portugal is only 2hr 15m so an easier first flight with a baby! Our flight was at 6:50am so we needed to be up at 3:30am ermahgad. I didn't do anything differently with Aoife the night before apart from making sure we were in bed by 8. One thing I didn't do which was a complete oversight - was to put her to bed in what I wanted her to wear in the airport because OF COURSE the one night she decided to NOT be awake at 3am was the day I needed her to be awake at 3am. CLASSIC. I held off feeding her until we got to the airport so she would be milked up to the eyeballs for the flight which would hopefully mean she would sleep! 
I've said it before but I am really laid back so I wasn't worried about how Aoife would be on the plane because it is what it is (love island WAAAYYY)! I prepared in terms of milk, food and toys so I was ready for any situation! We, as parents, deal with all sorts on a day to day basis so a baby on a plane? Piece of cake.
On the flight out Aoife was every emotion going, happy, sad, tired, excited and grumpy. She gets baaaad FOMO so trying to get her to nap was difficult but success- half way into the journey she conked out. YAAAS. I think as long as you have quite a few tricks up your sleeve you'll be fine!
We had our gifted Mamas and Papas Armadillo stroller to take but it's not compact enough to take as cabin luggage so we used it all through check in and wheeled it to the foot of the plane where they took it and then when we arrived in Portugal it was on the carousel to collect. I was fully expecting it to be battered but it was absolutely fine!! 
We were going to use Uber to get around, but because we hadn't brought car seats (if you think I'm lugging a fat ass car seat to a different country you're mistaken) they all said no LOL so we just used the local taxis who took us and it was fine- the babies just sat on our laps!
Sean had booked a Villa for all of us which worked really well. We all had our own rooms but then could laze around the pool or in the living room. It also had high chairs and cots so we didn't need to worry about that either. Almancil is near Vilamoura, which has the harbour so we ventured down there one night for dinner at the Mayflower but other than that we just relaxed at the villa! There are a few shops about a 20 minute walk away for the holiday essentials A.K.A. Crisps. Crisps. Lemon Fanta. More crisps.
  New Mum Blogger
Okay so to the nitty gritty of what I actually packed for Aoife! 
Hold luggage:
7 day outfits
5 babygros
Hair clips
3 swimming costumes
Swim float
3/4 Toys
Sleeping bag
Pack of wipes 
Tub of formula
10 pouches of food
Spoon & bowl
5x Bottles
Sun cream
Talcum powder
Baby wash
Hand luggage:
Spare clothes
3 nappies
Half pack of wipes
Ready made formula x2
I chose not to take a monitor because I didn't want Aoife in a room where I couldn't see her, but the others packed their audio monitors. I'd just watched the Madeline McCan documentary so Aoife was NAAAAT leaving my sight. ALSO don't forget travel insurance. I used moneysupermarket to find a family one :)
Holidaying wasn't stressful AT ALL! We had a ball so I hope the list of things helps! Happy Holidays!
New Mum Blogger

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